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St. Jude STEM Club

About the Club

The St. Jude STEM Club is an afterschool program for students of all ability levels in grade 5. The club’s goal is to increase students’ critical thinking skills and interest in STEM through hands-on projects and challenges. Students work in teams to explore a problem related to pediatric cancers.

Club Curriculum

Learning in the club begins with an exploration of a patient case study. Students take on the role as physician-scientists to diagnose a patient with osteosarcoma, a cancer of the bone. The students also learn about several treatment options for these patients.

Many children with osteosarcoma require either partial or full amputation of the affected body part. This might result in the need for a prosthetic. Students will learn about the challenges of designing prosthetics for young patients who are still growing. As part of the process, students will design a functioning prosthetic hand using everyday materials.