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RES STEAM Program Info & Affirmation

Rivercrest Elementary, located in Bartlett, TN, is a Pre-K - 5 school that promotes a success-oriented learning environment, using data-driven instructional strategies, and digital resources. Our vision at Rivercrest is to ensure that all children show academic growth through the implementation of rigorous standards-based instruction and increase critical thinking skills through project-based learning, preparing them for their future in the modern word. Since 2015, Rivercrest has offered a STEAM Honors program to encourage student development and advancement in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.  We are the only elementary school in Bartlett City Schools to have an approved STEAM program by our district, that is offered to students in grades 1-5.  Our Honors STEAM program is application based and students from across the district and Shelby County apply for transfers to be in our STEAM program. This program begins at our elementary school and threads through course offerings at the middle and high school level.  
In addition to our STEAM Honors Program, our students participate in STEAM everyday, in every subject, by engaging in the Engineering Design Process.  The Engineering Design Process encourages students to lead with a question, brainstorm and make a plan for solutions, and finally test the solution and improve if it doesn't work.  This growth mindset practice encourages students to look at mistakes and failure as part of the process and an opportunity to improve, rather than looking at them as the end and a reason to give up.