Rivercrest Elementary


 Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

We are going to have a fun year full of learning! 

First grade is simply the best! You will watch your little one grow in so many different ways. I hope this website will help you with your learning adventures. Please check back for updates.

Upcoming Dates: 


Please wear tennis shoes on Mondays for P.E.

Please wear class t-shirt on Thursdays



Tuesday May 15: Field Day

Tuesday May 22:  @11:30 am First Grade End of the year Awards * This will be held in our classroom. First grade does not receive awards for grades, these will be superlative type awards. Due to the limited space in our classroom attendance will be limited to 2 people.

Thursday May 24:  Last Day of School, ½ day for students, dismiss at 11:3



Online Payments will no longer be accepted

    checks will no longer be accepted

    lunch charges will no longer be accepted


Meal prices for 2017-2018: 
breakfast- $2.75
lunch- $1.50





BCS has a new truancy policy which states that five unexcused tardies and/or checkouts will equal one unexcused absence.   Students arriving after 8:00 AM are considered tardy.  Please make sure that you have your child to school on time every day.






Mission Statement:  Realize Education Depends on Building Intelligent Responsible Decision-Makers.


School Vision:  Our vision is to ensure that all children show academic growth through the implementation of rigorous standards based on

instruction and increase critical thinking skills through project based learning, preparing them for their future in a modern world.