Rivercrest Elementary

Student Items Left at School Distribution Days: May 5-6

Pick Up Schedule for Student Belongings 

May 5th and 6th 

Below are times for grade levels to come and pick up student belongings. Items will be bagged and labeled. You will pick up items through the car rider line or the front circle (for PreK, preschool, and functional skills classes only), following our procedures for car rider dismissal. Please pull up as directed and give your student’s name to the teacher or staff member who comes to your window. A teacher or staff member will bring your child’s belongings to you. Due to safety and health concerns, we request that you move through the car rider line to obtain your child’s possessions and remain in your car at all times.

May 5th

9:00-11:00—Kindergarten and Grade 1 (car rider line)

                   PreK (front circle)

12:00-2:00-- Grades 2 and 3 (car rider line)

                   PreSchool (front circle)

May 6th

9:00-11:00—Grades 4 and 5 (car rider line)

                   FS (Ms. Lamar) (front circle)

1:00-4:00—Sibling groups/those unable to attend scheduled grade level times