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Welcome to Fifth Grade!  I teach Math and Science and, Mrs. Pittman is my teaching partner.  She teaches Language Arts and Social Studies. 
updated 8/6/2017
Parents: I want to say hello and that I am really excited about this year!  I am looking forward to teaching your children and getting them ready for middle school.   I am learning how to use several of the Apple programs and we will be using them more and more as I get more proficient with them.  
This first two to three weeks we will be working on our routines for the classroom, hall ways, cafeteria and support classes.  Please understand the importance of routines as that enables us to focus on our classwork.  
We will be doing classwork beginning this week and possibly some homework.  Normally, homework will be every night (Monday thru Thursday) in math, and their will be science homework occasionally.  Because of our limited time with Science, it is important that your child is reading the Science book nightly (not necessarily the entire lesson, but 1 or 2 pages).  Make sure that they understand the vocabulary and bring any questions they have about the reading or vocabulary back to class.
Math:  We will be working on place value, standard form, expanded form, written form and, how to read numbers correctly.  Additionally, if your child is having trouble with multiplication facts, please begin practicing them every night (see my math page for links to help).  I can't stress the importance of multiplication facts!  If they are struggling with facts, it will make decimals, fractions, and division very difficult.
Science:  In Science we will be looking at plant and animal cells.  They will have to identify various cell parts and draw the cells from memory (This will be over the next weeks)

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Week of 2/5 to 2/9

This week in math we are working on converting units of measure in the English System and Metric System.  We will be using the Black Math Book and the new Go Math Books.  Chapter 14 in the Black Math Book, and Chapter Ten in the Go math books.  The Go Math Workbooks stay in the classroom, they will tear out pages that are needed as we go.
We are now doing weekly vocabulary review in math and students will be quizzed on Friday.  This is the vocabulary for the week:  Commutative property, Associative property, Identity Property, Zero Property, Distributive property, polygons, and Regular Polygons.
Your child is given a Daily Math Practice Sheet every Monday to be completed by Friday for a grade..  They are allowed to bring them home (I encourage it) and get all the help they may need to complete it.  The sheet is designed to practice various problems we see during the year.  Please feel free to help with this sheet.
Proposed Homework:
Monday:  None, we won't complete all needed yet
Tuesday:  Workbook Page 222. (not Go Math workbook)
Wednesday:  Go math workbook pgs. 609/610. 1-15
Thursday:  Go math workbook pg. 615
Friday: None
We are finishing up Chapter 5 lesson 2 on Properties of  Matter and will complete a measuring matter lab on Friday
We are beginning Chapter 5 Lesson 3 on States of Matter.  Your child should be reviewing the vocabulary for both of these lessons


This week in math we are working in chapter 6 of the math book. (lessons 6-1, 6-2, and 6-3)
Proposed homework for math:
Monday 1/8. pg. 146/147 23-28
Tuesday. 1/9. Pg.149/150. 29-39
Wednesday  1/10. pg, 153/154. 19-28
Thursday  Go Math Workbook pg. 63 3-12. *We just received the go math workbooks, if I don't get them distributed, we will complete an assignment supplied by myself
Science:  we are beginning chapter 5 Properties of Matter
We are currently reading chapter 5 lesson 1, pos 260-266.  Students should be reviewing the listed vocabulary on page 260, we will be reviewing in class.
We should be attempting a measuring lab at the end of next week. 
The students need to know the following instruments, the property they measure and the units the property is measured in.  They have to successfully pass a quiz on the instruments to participate in the lab.  Here is the information they will need for the quiz,
Instrument:                      Property.               Units of measurement
Pan Balance                    Mass.                    grams. (g)
Graduated Cylinder.         Volume.                 mililiters.  (ml)
Ruler                                 Length                   centimeters.  (cm)
Scale                                Weight                    grams. (g)
Thermometer                    Temperature          degrees  Celsius 

Oct 30 - Nov 3

Math:  the topics we are covering this week are Topics 9-2, 3,4, and 5
Proposed Homework:
Mon:  Pg. 225 16-20
Tue:  Pg. 226/227 16-25
Wed: Pg. 228/229 21-30
Thur:  Pg. 231 12-15
Science:  We are doing Chapter 3 Lesson 2 "The Outer Planets". Read and review associated vocabulary and review lesson.

Oct. 16-Oct. 20

Topics for the week.  
Math:  10-1. Adding/Subtracting Fractions with same denominators
           10-2 Common multiples and Least Common Multiples
           10-3. Adding Fractions with different denominators
           10.4. Subtracting Fractions with different Denominators
Proposed Homework for Math:
Mon:  Pg. 257/258    23-32
Tue:  Pg. 260/261.  25-35
Wed:  Pg. 262/263.  20-30
Thur:  Pg. 264/265.  22-31
Science:  We are covering Planets and Stars (Chap. 3). We will be covering this section for about 3 weeks. 
Science Vocabulary:  solar system,  planet,  moon, asteroid,  revolution, rotation, Galiliean Moons,  comet, dwarf planet,  star,  nebula,  white dwarf, supernova, constellation, star chart
Note:  we will be starting a project next week where the students will be gathering information about a scientist or mathematician and putting that information on a poster board or power point. They are beginning to look up information on the computer this week.  Details about the project will come home next week.

Oct. 2 - Oct. 6

Math:  The following topics are being covered this week: Topic7-5. Dividing Decimals by 10,n 100,n and 1000.   Topic 7-6 Dividing a Decimal by a whole Number, and Topic 7-8. Dividing a Decimal by a Decimal
Proposed Math Homework:
Monday, Oct. 2.  pg. 178/179. 28-37
Tuesday, Oct 3. pg. 181/182. 26-35
Wednesday, Oct 4.  pg.186/187  23-32
Thursday, Oct. 5. pg. 197. Set H
Science:  we will be reviewing animal adaptations, Ch. 2 Lesson 3 and cover Ch. 2 Lesson 4 Change over Time
Science Vocabulary:  variation, mutation, natural selection, fossil, absolute age, relative age

Sept. 22 - Sept 29

Math:  This week we are working on division Topics 4-4, 4-5,  and 4-6
Proposed Homework:
Monday 9/22.   Pg, 92.  17-25
Tuesday  9/23.  Pg. 95/96. 25-34
Wednesday  9/24.  Pg. 99/100. 22-30
Thursday.  Pg. 117   Set E
Friday:  Test on Topics 4-4,5,6
Science:  This week we are working Chapter 2 Lesson 3 Animal Adaptations.  We will also be reviewing Lesson 2 on Traits and Heredity
Vocabulary:  camouflage, protective coloration, protective resemblance, mimicry, and adaptation

Week of 9/18 to 9/22

Math:  We will be going over Topics 7-1, 7-2, and 7-4. this week.
Proposed Homework:
Monday:  Pg. 170/171 29-39
Tuesday:  Pg. 172.  9-20
Wednesday:  Pg. 176/177. 21-30
Thursday:  Pg. 195. Set D. (set D is the bottom of the page and has 8 problems
Friday:  Test over topics 7-1, 7-2, and 7-4
Science:  We will be doing chapter 2 Lesson 3 on Photosynthesis
Read/Review the above lesson, we will be completing activities in class and oral  reading.
 Science Quiz on Friday over photosynthesis


Currently we are collecting for Go Jim Go for the LeBonehur Hospital
Monday-pennies,  Tuesday-nickels,  Wednesday - dollars,  Thursday-dimes and Friday-Quarters
Jim Jaggers will be visiting our school next week.   Thank you in advance for any donations.

Week of 9/11 to 9/14

Math:  the following math topics will be covered this week.  Topics 3-4, 5, and 6 on multiplication.
This is the proposed homework for the week of 9/11 to 9/14
9/11.   Math book page 65.  20-29
9/12.   Math book page 69.  19-27
9/13.   Math book page 70.  22-31
Science:  the following topics will be discussed this week:   Chapter 2 lessons 2 and 3
The following vocabulary needs to be reviewed:   instinct, gene,   dominant trait, recessive trait,   pedigree, carrier,  heredity,  inherited trait, camouflage, protective coloration, protective resemblance,  mimicry,  adaptation
Science books should be taken home nightly to read at least one or two pages as review.  Vocabulary should be studied nightly, working on one or two words a night.

Proposed Weekly Work: 9/5/17 - 9/8/17

 Math:  This week we are working on adding/subtracting whole numbers and decimal numbers.
Topics 2-1, 2-6, and 2-7
9/5.  Math Book pg. 25.  15-26
9/6.  Math Book pg. 42/43. 22-30
9/7. Math Book pg. 45 16-27
9/8. Test over adding/subtracting whole numbers and decimals
NOTE:  Homework and tests are what is planned for the week.  If the students are having difficulty, and we may need more practice,  homework and tests may change.  I will inform of changes.
SCIENCE:  We are working on Chapter 2 Lessons 1 and 2 this week.  Students should be reviewing any notes they may take during the week, reviewing vocabulary nightly (one or two words a night), and read part of their science book each night.
There are no proposed tests or homework (other than reviewing as stated above)