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All About Me

Dr. Andrea M. Moore

I am privileged to return to Bartlett and serve as the speech-language pathologist for Rivercrest Elementary School. This is my 13th year working in the school system, 12 of which were in schools throughout Bartlett. I love working with children and am enthusiastic about the communication growth that will be seen in the children I serve. In addition to serving as the speech-language pathologist, I also serve as co-sponsor for Student Council and the Chess Club. 

Communication is my passion and I take my role as speech-language pathologist seriously and personally. Growing up, I received speech therapy for stuttering. My interactions with my speech pathologist helped to shape me into the person and professional I am today. I cherish each interaction I have with the children of this school.

This year, I plan to incorporate technology into the speech and language sessions. There are numerous tools online that students can benefit from to aid in communication. I will also continue to incorporate reading and writing activities throughout the year in an attempt to serve the whole child.
Please see my activities website for ways to incorporate speech/language into your daily life! http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/1699122
Binder access key: speech
I am a daughter, sister, aunt (to a Yorkiepoo) and friend. I am also BCS 2018-2019 Elementary Teacher of the Year! I enjoy cooking, reading, and traveling. I also love kickboxing (#ilkbbartlett). I am also an author.
Mission Statement: Realize Education Depends on Building Intelligent Responsible Decision-Makers.

School Vision: Our vision is to ensure that all children show academic growth through the implementation of rigorous standards based on
instruction and increase critical thinking skills through project based learning, preparing them for their future in a modern world.