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Welcome to Lamar's Lemurs!
My name is Melissa Lamar.  This is my 34th year to teach exceptional education. I do it because I love the students.  I have taught Exceptional Preschool, Functional Skills, Adaptive Functional Skills, Expanded Resource, Resource and Co-teaching in grades preschool to high school and have enjoyed working with all of my various classes.  I have a bachelor's degree plus two master's degrees in special education.  I am the mother of four grown children, one of whom has autism with health impairments.  
Mary Stewart and Jill Archdeacon are the two amazing paraprofessionals working in our classroom this year.  Both of these ladies have experience working with exceptional children and are wonderful.  We are all so excited to share our school days with your children.
Our class is going to be very busy this year. I love to have a lot of parental involvement. You are the first and most important teachers in your child's life.  I am happy to get your input and also to help you in any way possible.  Students will participate in the following activites: center time, IEP individual and small groups, computers/iPads, games, physical activity in the classroom as well as in PE, Smart Board activities, recess, circle time, music, library, story time, communication time, fine motor, work boxes and art.  Since we plan to participate in daily physical activity, please send your child with closed toe shoes.
Please feel free to email me for any questions you have: Please remember that we can no longer text parents except for through Remind, so please contact me either through Remind, email, or a phone call to school 373-1373 or write a note in your child's Daily Communication Folder.  The folders have been updated to add in LAMP schedules,  Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech, Behavior Plans, Health Care Plans Emergency Contact Information and people allowed to pick up your child.  If you see a mistake in your child's folder or if their information changes, please just send me a note or write the changes inside the folder.
We are using a digital Show and Tell this year on Fridays to enhance communication.  Please feel free to send any videos or pictures you take of your child involved in activities outside of school such as family events, places your child visits, favorite things your child likes to do or even baby pictures to my school email address: by Thursday of each week.  We will put the pictures and videos together and will make a Show and Tell during our Fun Friday activities.  Please send a brief description of what is happening in the photos or videos as well as the names of people shown.  I think this is a great idea....Thank you to Ms. Bettie for coming up with such a wonderful idea to combine technology with communication.