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2016-17 Classes are in full swing.  5th grade is reading Across Five Aprils. This is a novel about the beginning of the Civil War and it ties in nicely with their Social Studies lessons.  In this story we see how the national conflict affects people at a personal and family level.  It has been quite the challenge for the students and we have had to regroup and take a step back from our reading to talk about why the novel is so difficult.  It has become a lesson in perseverance and tackingly challenges.  
4th Grade is reading the Homework Machine.  This story tackles how you define cheating and friendship.  It is written in an interesting way that allows the students to see one story from a variety of perspectives.  In math we have been working on using problem solving techniques to understand word problems.  
3rd Grade is underway!  It is always so exciting to form the new group and begin our learning adventures together.  We will begin our journey by discussing what APEX is all about, our learning styles and how to make our brains grow by struggling with difficult challenges.
The Mock Election was a huge success.  APEX did a great job running the polling center and helping the younger students with the process.  I was very proud of them.  
Our Field Trip to the University of Tennessee Pediatric Center is Monday, November 14th.  

Recent Posts

STEAM Night was Full STEAM ahead!

The APEX room was definitely STEAM-ing forward on STEAM night.  Parents and students alike packed the room and took on the challenge of making those stubborn balloon cars move.  We had mixed success with our designs but we ALL learned a lot about Newton's 3 Laws of Motion and what works and what does not work!  Thanks parents for coming out and supporting our motion forward with STEAM.  Thanks APEX alumni students for coming to visit.  I love seeing how you are growing and thriving!  It was a special night.  Mrs. Larson
P.S. Check out the photo slide show on the photo album page.  Priceless moments of family fun!

Chess Club

Chess club is in full force every Thursday morning at 7 A.M. We are having a great time learning how the pieces move and some beginning strategy.  I already can see some excellent critical thinking going on in those amazing brains!  We definitely have some future chess stars starting to glow in Room 407 on those early Thursdays.  

Multiplication Must!

Fluency of basic multiplication facts is a crucial element for success in math.  I have challenged my APEX students to drill and practice to increase their speed on basic facts.  This is a gift that keeps on giving for years to come.  Each Wednesday they students are taking a 5 minute speed drill quiz.  What I have asked of them is make progress each week.  We will graph the results so they can see the development of their skill level.  I have put a link on the links page to an online flash card practice.  There is also a link to Free Rice.  This site also has multiplication facts practice. You can be a big part of their success in the endeavor!  Ask to see their quizzes.  Help them practice the ones they missed.  

Thanks to Donor's Choose for supporting our class.  Our new grant bought 30 copies of Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson.  It is a riveting story about the Revolutionary War and a young slave girl caught up in the building of a new nation.  It will tie closely to what the 5th graders will be studying in Social Studies.  Good literature is costly and we appreciate Donor's Choose for making this new adventure into American history possible.