Virtual Learning » Tech Issues - Who do I contact?

Tech Issues - Who do I contact?

Technical issues will be ongoing just as they were prior to virtual learning. There are days that we have technology problems here at school. As much as we all dislike them, they are a part of our reality when relying on technology. 


Most minor issues can be resolved through basic troubleshooting. Virtual learners are expected to use all resources at their disposal to troubleshoot before contacting the Tech Team. Please see the attached troubleshooting guide and resources. This should be a go-to resource when troubleshooting.


Each role (TST or ITC) is limited in what accessibility they have in being able to help with certain issues. As much as we want to help with a specific problem, we sometimes cannot simply because we do not have the access or ability to. We have to forward an email to someone else and this delays the process in helping. To help expedite the process when troubleshooting, here is who to contact with issues. 


    • Always include student name, grade, serial number, and as much information as you can about the description/screenshot(s) of the issue. 
    • For hardware and software issues (laptop won’t charge, cracked screen, Zoom, Chrome, etc.), please contact Adrian Garcia ([email protected]) for Rivercrest.
    • For email, issues with instructional programs, and device login problems, please contact Melissa Onek ([email protected])
    • For problems specific to the teacher or classroom, please contact the homeroom teacher via email.