Rivercrest Elementary


Welcome to Fifth Grade!  I teach Math and Science and, Mrs. Pittman is my teaching partner.  She teaches Language Arts and Social Studies. 
updated 8/6/2017
Parents: I want to say hello and that I am really excited about this year!  I am looking forward to teaching your children and getting them ready for middle school.   I am learning how to use several of the Apple programs and we will be using them more and more as I get more proficient with them.  
This first two to three weeks we will be working on our routines for the classroom, hall ways, cafeteria and support classes.  Please understand the importance of routines as that enables us to focus on our classwork.  
We will be doing classwork beginning this week and possibly some homework.  Normally, homework will be every night (Monday thru Thursday) in math, and their will be science homework occasionally.  Because of our limited time with Science, it is important that your child is reading the Science book nightly (not necessarily the entire lesson, but 1 or 2 pages).  Make sure that they understand the vocabulary and bring any questions they have about the reading or vocabulary back to class.
Math:  We will be working on place value, standard form, expanded form, written form and, how to read numbers correctly.  Additionally, if your child is having trouble with multiplication facts, please begin practicing them every night (see my math page for links to help).  I can't stress the importance of multiplication facts!  If they are struggling with facts, it will make decimals, fractions, and division very difficult.
Science:  In Science we will be looking at plant and animal cells.  They will have to identify various cell parts and draw the cells from memory (This will be over the next weeks)